Dan grades cont.

Name: Dave Chapman
Grade: Sandan (3rd. Dan)
Profession: Virologist
Interests: Karate, football, watching films, reading books (and generally avoiding work)
Name: David Crouch
Grade: Nidan (2nd Dan)
Profession: Teacher
Interests: Running
Name: Ayşe Göker
Grade: Nidan (2nd Dan)
Profession: Senior Lecturer at a university, and a mobile company co-founder.
Interests: Travelling – visiting different places, cultures, and people; Films.
Name: Graham Nicholas
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: Meat Specialist
Interests: Movies, Biographies & Books
Name: Wayne Hawthorne
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: Motor Vehicle
Name: David Mortimer
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: Software Engineer
Interests: Karate, Tai Chi Chuan,
reading, gadgets, gaming, acting
Name: Alicia McKay
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: School girl
Interests: Music (clarinet & piano),
swimming and of course karate!.
Name: Geoff Williams
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: Warehouse supervisor
Interests: Films, music, guitar and pubs.
Name: Brendan Smyth
Grade: Shodan (1st Dan)
Profession: Duty Manager, Public Transport Company
Interests: Karate, cycling, walking, football and gardening watching WFC
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