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To date the members of TSKU have raised over £14,000 through charity events, helping the following groups:

Carly Watson Trust Fund – 1998

Carly was an 8 year old member of our Watford club back in 1997, sadly she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which could not be treated in the UK.  We and other family and friends raised money to send Carly to the USA for ground breaking treatment. Sadly she became too ill to travel and died in 2000 having fought a very brave battle. Monies raised were donated to brain tumour research.


CLIC Sargent – -2000

Caring for Children with Cancer and leukaemia


Cancer research uk. - 2004

60 or so people who took part in the charity competition at the end of 2002 – the total raised was a staggering £4,600.00!!!.  It was decided that the funds would be split 3 ways, as follows:

1)     £1800 – to the EPIC project (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer & Nutrition).

This is a vast study of 500,000 people Europe-wide, designed to make links between diet/lifestyle & cancer, so that the causes of certain types of cancer are better understood. As 80% of cancers are known to be caused by diet/lifestyle factors, this is a hugely important research project – the work we will support is being carried out in mainly in Oxford.

2)     £1800 – to the Angiogenesis targeted treatment project.

Angiogenesis (growth of a tumour) is only possible if the cancer has a good blood supply network. This research involves drugs/methods that cut off a tumour’s blood supply, thereby preventing it growing. This is an exciting area of research, as great success has already been seen with some tumour types, and more trials are desperately needed. The best thing about angiogenesis is that there are none of the very damaging side-effects associated with conventional cancer treatments.

3)     £1000 – to “The Hospice of St Francis” in Berkhamstead:

£500 will be used to fund a Training Day for Health Professionals, during which doctors, nurses and other health professionals from the surrounding area will be educated about the benefits of optimum nutrition in promoting optimum healing and recovery from cancer and its treatment regimes. Health professionals are sorely lacking in their knowledge of the link between cancer & nutrition, which is so relevant if 80% of cancers are diet & lifestyle related!

The other £500 will be used by the hospice to run an internal trial with a new drug called CV247 – this has none of the nasty side-effects of conventional treatment, massively boosts the immune system so that it can fight cancer optimally, and has shown very promising results during trials at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. It is thought that one of its methods of attack is to cut off the blood supply to the cancer, and another is to keep the tumour cells stuck firmly together so that cancer cells don’t break off and spread to other parts of the body. This particular trial is designed to judge the effect of CV247 on more advanced cancer cases than have already been trialled.



CHASE- Shooting Star Children’s Hospice – 2007

Following the death of a members grandson at just 4 months old we raised funds for the children’s hospice that cared for him in his final days.

The Modou Tanakara Memorial Trust - 2011

      We raised £2,110.00 to aid education in The Gambia.


Hi Tracey,

Hope you are well.

Please see some letters of appreciation from Gambia received so far. Hopefully you will be able to read them as they are handwritten- No computers!!. Once again a huge thank you to all those who raised the fund. It’s already making a massive difference.

Yus Tunkara

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