Krav Maga Course 2018

ICCS Krav Maga Israeli close quarter defence system.
March 22 2018 
Tony Harwood USA Senior instructor, abel to create a learning environment that encourages you to dig deep and find strengths you didn’t know you had. Tony’s teaching ability along with the effectiveness of this close quarter combat defence system is an amazing combination.

The seminar will be suitable for all adults whatever background, martial artists or otherwise, no previous understanding of this system is required.
Krav Maga focuses on mind set and a combination of practical defences which have been picked from many other defence styles in order to give one rounded system, tried and tested, used by military and police forces, if it doesn’t work they don’t use it!
Ticket entry only Please contact at to book your place! 

Many thanks,
Tracey Phipps 7th. Dan
Chief Instructor TSKU



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