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TSKU was formed in 1995 by Sensei Tracey Phipps 6th. Dan. At this time she was one of only three female instructors in the U.K. to head their own association, having been teaching Karate from the late 1970’s. and attaining assistant chief instructor level in her previous association it was a natural progression to form her own group. Although her roots are firmly based in traditional karate sensei Tracey Phipps has also had a very successful competitive career, holding both the English and British Kumite [sparring] titles. She represented Great Britain under coach Ticky Donavan at both world and European Championships. Throughout her competitive career she attained 10 gold international medals along with over 130 other trophies. Sensei Tracey Phipps believes that her varied back ground and open mind has given her a unique teaching method that includes all areas of Shotokan Karate.We are a small but growing group based in South East England. Our ethos is that of community spirit and striving to attain our best as individuals both physically and emotionally, a sentiment often pronounced by Gichin Funakoshi.Our association, honours master Gichin Funakoshi within our logo, which depicts a sprig of pine needles and the rising sun of Japan as a tribute to his memory.
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