What To Expect

What to expect

Our session content is structured to allow all students to benefit and progress at their individual learning level from novice to experienced students alike. All sessions work on a physical level to include exercises for improved coordination, balance and agility along with age appropriate toning, strengthening and aerobic exercises. On an emotional level we place emphasise on individual development fostering confidence in the shy and structure for the more outgoing student. Personal safety and awayness skills are taught at a level appropriate to students age and ability.

Novice group class structure

Before the start of your first class your instructor will ask you to complete a brief registration / medical form. Training fees are taken before the start of the class. A karate suit is not needed

to join the class, jogging bottoms with a T- shirt are acceptable for novice students. Karate is performed in bare feet. For safety, no jewellery and long hair to be tied with soft bands. Each class starts with a formal bowing ceremony, this is a gesture of respect for instructor and fellow students, focusing the mind for the coming lesson, the bowing ceremony and following lesson hold no religious content. After the formal opening of the class we start by warm up with light aerobic, stretching and joint relaxing exercises, all movements are performed at the individual fitness level of each student. After the warm up your instructor will work with you through the fundamental Karate moves, progressing through the syllabus for the first exam, red belt.Examinations are optional, held every three months. At the end of the children’s lesson, if all children have worked hard, we play games to encourage team spirit and fair play. The adult classes have a brief cool down exercise routine to finish the class. The class is formally closed as it started with bowing ceremony.
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